Our Food

Here at Denny we love our food and we pride ourselves on bringing you the best meat in new and exciting ways. Take a look at all of our ranges.

All Natural

The Only Ham Made with 100% Natural Ingredients

Nature provides best ingredients, Sea Salt, Rosemary and Celery. So at Denny that's what we use to cure our ham. And we're the only ones in Ireland who can say that!

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White Meats

Denny Slow Cooked White Meats

At Denny we slow cook our chicken and turkey slices to lock in all their flavour to ensure you get the tastiest slices to enjoy.

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Denny's Tasty Rashers and Bacon

At Denny we love our bacon and while we're almost 200 years old we think we've still got it when it comes to making tasty rashers and bacon.

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Gold Medal Sausages

Denny Gold Medal Sausages

A defining moment in Denny’s history arrived in 1933 at an International Food Fair in Manchester, when Denny was awarded a gold medal for making the finest sausages.

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Denny's Pudding

Our Denny Puddings is most famously associated with being part of the breakfast fry.

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Denny Meats

Here at Denny we make a full range of meats from ham to corned beef. We pride ourselves on delivering tasty cooked meats for you to enjoy.

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Quick and Easy

Need something tasty quickly?

We all know that we can be time pinched from time to time and you just need something quick and easy to make.

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