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What is pork protein?


Pork Protein is an ingredient that comes from fresh pork.

What claims can we make about our Denny Deli Style Ham?


All Denny Sliced Cooked Hams:

  • No added water
  • No MSG
  • Good source of protein
  • Low in saturated fat
  • No artificial additives
  • No artificial persevatives

How much ham should I/my child be eating each week?


Current dietary recommendations for the Republic of Ireland advise that we eat 2 servings from the protein group (meat, fish and alternatives) every day It is a good idea to vary the foods that we eat from this group so as we get a good mix of all the nutrients we need.

Each of the following count as a serving:

  • 2oz (56g) cooked lean meat or poultry (e.g. ham, lean beef, chicken) or
  • 3oz (84g) cooked fish or
  • 2 eggs (not more than 7 per week)
  • 9 dessertspoons cooked peas/beans or
  • 2oz (56g) Cheddar type cheese (preferably low fat) or
  • 3oz nuts (not suitable for young children)

See Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) web-site for more information www.indi.ie

For dietary recommendations for Northern Ireland, please see http://www.food.gov.uk/northernireland

What does Deli Style mean?


Denny Deli Style originates from the practice of taking the Deli Bulk Ham from the deli counter and slicing it in a convenient way.

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