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Ready Cooked Streaky Bacon

If you need a bite in a hurry don't you worry, Denny has you covered! With our delicious Instants range, you can have a meal in just a few minutes.

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Pork, Salt, Flavourings, Sugar, Emulsifier, Stabiliser (Sodium Polyphosphate), Preservative (Sodium Nitrite), 55g of Cooked Streaky Bacon produced from 150g of Raw Bacon


Keep refrigerated below 5ÂșC. Not suitable for home freezing. Once opened use within 48 hours and Before Use By Date.


Per 100g Per half pack as sold
Energy (kJ) 1750 420
Energy (kcal) 420 420
Fat (g) 30 8.2
of which saturates (g) 11 2.9
Carbohydrates (g) 1.2 <0.5
of which sugars (g) 1.1 <0.5
Protein (g) 37 10
Salt (g) 3.6 1